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Atlas is a specialty financial services holding company. Our mission is to develop and deliver superior specialty insurance products and services to meet our customers’ needs with a focus on innovation and the effective use of technology and analytics to deliver operating profit for the insurance businesses we own. Strategically, we operate primarily as a managing general agency. Our subsidiaries have historically focused on the taxi, livery/limo, paratransit and transportation network company sectors. We are also actively pursuing additional programs in the “light” commercial auto space where we believe our expertise, infrastructure and insurance technology will enable us to increase scale and profitability. We believe that the specialized infrastructure and technology platforms we have developed over the years to support our traditional business will enable us to provide comparative advantages as a managing general agency in other commercial auto segments. In particular, we believe our ability to efficiently manage large numbers of small or highly transactional accounts through our technology platform and workflows is a differentiator. We are also evaluating opportunities to leverage our optOn™ insuretech platform, which was developed to provide micro-duration commercial automobile insurance for gig-economy drivers via a proprietary mobile app-based ecosystem.

Q1 Earnings Release

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